Digital Insights: August 2017

07 September 2017

Google's mobile ads are set to undergo a makeover! These new updates will change how mobile ads show sitelinks, callouts and structured snippets.



August was a wonderful month for us at Loud Mouth Media! We celebrated turning 6, and also moved into lovely new premises in Glasgow to provide more support to our ever-growing client base in the area.   It's also been a pretty big month in the world of digital advertising - read some of our August highlights below:


Google AdWords has undergone a significant makeover


With more searches happening on mobile than any other device, Google has announced that their mobile ads are set to undergo a signifigant makeover! The forthcoming updates will change how mobile ads show sitelinks, callouts and structured snippets.


Sitelinks carousel


In a bid to simplify how mobile sitelinks are shown Google are introducing a sitelink carousel - and will display information using both horizontal buttons and larger vertical links.  Google has stated that early results show that people are twice as likely to interact with sitelinks in this new format, and will give users the kind of tappable experience that they have come to expect.    


Search Engine Land has also reported that Google has doubled the number of sitelinks you can show on your AdWords search ads from four to eight. 


Callouts and structured snippets


Previously these extensions have appeared in a separate line below your ad - this is all set to change! When this update rolls out, callouts and structured snippets will appear in paragraph form with your ad copy.The result of this change will be that, on average, more of the snippets will be eligible to show up with Google ads.  Google have said that user studies have found this new format to be 'more informative and engaging.'


Read more here.


Bing Ads introduces colour-coded labels


In an effort to assist with campaign management, Bing Ads has started to roll out colour-coded labels to all accounts worldwide.  Text details and colour can be added to labels to help advertisers analyse ad performance, for example if multiple ads are associated with the same promotion labels can be added to help advertisers quickly identify those ads.


Facebook tests targeting ads to people who visited brands' brick-and-mortar stores


We are familiar with Facebook introducing ways for retailers to push people from Facebook to a brands bricks-and-mortar store, and now it appears that the company is trying out the inverse.


It has been reported that Facebook are testing an option for advertisers to target people who visited their physical store with ads on Facebook and Instagram.  The offline-to-online features would be a new option within Facebooks Custom Audiences.  


'We're always exploring new ways to help marketers drive offline value from their ads, but have nothing new to announce at this time,' said a Facebook spokesperson.  We look forward to seeing how this develops.


Read more here.


Snapchat up its ad game


Following its launch of Ad Manager earlier this year, Snapchat has released a new advanced mode to help advertisers better manage their ads' performance on the popular image-sharing platform.


Aiming to automate time-intensive tasks, the new set of analytical tools include functions such as setting up and tracking large-scale campaigns, audience and media library, improved reporting and a tool to create hundreds of permutations of a creative and custom audience variations.


Read more here.  



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