Boost Your Digital Marketing in 2024!

05 January 2024

This blog dives into game-changing tips crafted by our team of experts to boost your strategies this year.  Let's navigate the world of digital marketing together and ensure your strategies are not just current but cutting through the noise in 2024!

Here are the key areas you should consider when creating/updating your 2024 strategies:

// 2024 Planning

Start planning early: Review your previous year's data and performance to identify areas for improvement. Research upcoming search trend data for 2024, this will help with forecasting, budget allocation and performance expectations.

Set clear goals: Establish specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals for your campaigns to effectively track performance.

Updates: Keep on top of new tools and advancements such as AI-powered bidding and advanced audience targeting.

// Budget Optimisation

Resist the urge to splash big bucks on one campaign. Optimize your budget strategically for quality results.

 Paid Social: You should Test and refine your audiences to get the most bang for your ad spend. As well as keeping a close eye on the customer journey on your website to boost conversion rates.

 PPC: Focus on high-performing keywords and ads: Prioritise keywords and ads that have historically generated strong results to maximise your budget's impact. You must regularly track and analyse performance identifying areas for improvement, as well as making data-driven adjustments. Reporting dashboards are a must!

// Exploring New Platforms

It is extremely important to explore new platforms in the digital marketing world. As consumer preferences shift and platforms continue to develop, the potential for you to use these platforms is ever-growing.

Paid Social: The social media scene is buzzing with new platforms. Don't just stick to the classics; explore the newbies that align with your audience.


  • Audience: TikTok's fanbase is booming, even among the seasoned crowd. People love spending time here, especially with the upcoming 30-minute video trend.
  • Ad Tips: Craft snappy, eye-catching videos in sync with TikTok's chill vibe. Use their ad platform for a wide or targeted reach – your call!
  • Influencer Buzz: Dive into longer video collaborations with influencers using the 'Commission Paid' tag for a natural touch.
  • TikTok Shop: Shopaholics, rejoice! Buy products without leaving TikTok – it's quick, cheap, and real reviews seal the deal.


  • Audience: Pinterest is where dreams turn visual. Users crave inspiration, making it a goldmine for the right products.
  • Ad Tips: Paint a pretty picture with visually stunning and informative pins. Go for products that match the platform's aspirational vibes.
  • Success Alert: Pinterest can skyrocket your brand by converting users into a shopping state of mind. 

PPC: Experiment with emerging platforms and campaign types: Explore new PPC platforms and campaign types that align with your target audience and campaign goals to potentially uncover untapped opportunities. Remember to start small, measure results and stay adaptable it is important to be prepared to adapt your strategy based on the performance of new platforms to ensure optimal results.

// Creative Testing

Maximise impact with creative testing, and capture attention instantly with killer creatives! Test different ad formats, visuals, copy, and calls to action to find what clicks with your audience. Include interactive elements – think polls and shoppable posts, to amp up engagement. Keep refining your approach by regularly A/B testing creatives, ensuring continuous improvement and elevated campaign performance.

Moving on to some SEO tips…

// Basics Still Matter

In 2024, the bottom line of successful SEO continues to lie in the fundamentals. You should emphasise on-page SEO and technical SEO to establish a strong online presence. Address technical aspects like minimising 404 errors, ensuring crawlability, mobile-friendliness, security, and Core Web Vitals compliance. These will all help boost your search engine visibility and enhance the user experience.

// Video SEO

Optimize video content with detailed descriptions, transcripts, relevant tags, timestamps, and links to website pages. Embrace the trend of shorter-form videos tailored for platforms like Instagram and TikTok to cater to diverse audiences. By incorporating these SEO tactics, you are enhancing visibility and tapping into social media engagement.


// Cross Channel Integration

Individually paid social advertising, PPC and SEO are just pieces of the puzzle. In 2024, measure how different marketing channels influence each other. Use assisted conversion analytics to understand the bigger picture. For example, does social activity impact brand searches on Google Ads?

Be prepared to adjust your strategy based on the performance of new platforms to ensure optimal results. This holistic approach ensures you allocate resources where they pack the most punch.

Stay on top of emerging platforms, smart budgeting, accurate tracking, killer creatives, and cross-channel insights. Stay agile, data-driven, and customer-centric to make 2024 your year!


Let’s talk about your 2024 strategy today!



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