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As the saying goes, content is king.

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/ / What is Content Marketing?

SEO and Content Marketing go hand in hand - as far as Google is concerned, creating and optimising high quality content on your website should be the primary concern of webmasters.

By creating content on your site which provides value to your users in the shape of web content, infographics, blogs, and ensuring it is targeted towards highly searched-for keywords, you can significantly increase your search engine visibility and traffic.


Roughly 8% of searches are phrased as a question & 50% of search queries contain 4 or more words.

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/ / Why Content Marketing?

Having a stream of quality content targeted towards high volume informational and transactional keywords will allow your business to reaach the heights of page one on Google and Bing.

At Loud Mouth Media we have an experienced team of SEO content writers which would form an extension of your own digital marketing team.

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