We Are Legends (Of Rock)!

26 February 2016

Loud Mouth Media is delighted to be announced as second place in Google's Legends of Rock challenge!


Of 1600 agencies across the UK and Ireland, 154 elite agencies qualified to participate putting us up against some major competitors including Latitude Digital Marketing, Click Tap Media, Finsbury Group and Climb Online. Despite being pitched against the biggest in the business we once again came out in the top ten agencies and are the only local agency to make it into the top 25!


So what does it mean to be a legend?


In a nut shell - we generated the second highest new client spend amongst all of our competitors during the final quarter of 2015. We put this down to the massive amount (over 90%) of inbound business we generated through happy client referrals!


See below for the full Top 25 list:



    1.        Latitude Digital Marketing
    2.        Loud Mouth Media
    3.        Click Tap Media
    4.        Finsbury Group
    5.        Total Media
    6.        Climb Online
    7.        Web Marketing Group
    8.        Klood
    9.        Net Natives
    10.    Dream Agility
    11.    Fast Generations
    12.    Oban Multilingual
    13.    Genie Goals
    14.    Innovation Visual Limited
    15.    Search Star
    16.    The Media People
    17.    Space & Time Media Limited
    18.    Ignition Search Ltd
    19.    Colewood Internet Ltd
    20.    Visualsoft UK Limited
    21.    Niddocks
    22.    Click Convert
    23.    Digital Incubator Limited
    24.    Fountain Partnership
    25.    Biddable Solutions



Congratulations to all of the other winners now for that number one spot!!

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