Unwrap Holiday Performance with New Performance Max Insights and Features!

19 December 2023


The holiday season is just around the corner, so it's time for the final push. Shoppers and retailers alike are working on their Christmas checklists. Being ahead of the game is essential for today's manic shoppers as 74% of shoppers plan their shopping ahead of time.


Although this year is a tad different, with AI-powered tools coming to light and transforming businesses' ability to move faster and cut out the noise- why not do the same for your campaigns this Holiday season? Performance Max Campaigns now have new features and insights to help you move fast!


//Optimise for new customers


Customers shop across many channels! 61% of holiday shoppers use 5 or more channels to shop over just two days, so it is important to be seen across all these channels, such as YouTube, Email and Google. This is a great opportunity to grow your customer base, especially as holiday shoppers aren’t necessarily buying their usual products. Performance Max now gives those using online sale goals the option to optimise for new customers with a high predicted lifetime value, with the new Beta feature called “New Customer Acquisition with High-Value Optimisation”.



//Create an omnichannel experience

Another way to boost your holiday campaigns with Performance Max is by creating an omnichannel experience. Only 25% of people plan to do all their Christmas shopping online, while 34% will be looking to the high street for inspiration. More interestingly, 41% prefer to use a mixture of online and in-store shopping. Performance Max has added new insights and features to help advertisers provide an omnichannel experience such as:


  • Enabled Pick-up later annotations.
  • Expanded access to the Search top slot ad format for businesses using Performance Max for store goals, such as business hours, and opening hours. This is to grab customers who have shown explicit intent when searching phrases such as “near me”, resulting in customers at the lower end of the funnel.


  • Dramatically reduced the average onboarding time for local inventory ads and introduced a new local store unit ad format. This will also help advertisers showcase their ads to better fit customers with the intent to buy.


These new features help create a seamless customer buying journey as they can switch between online and in-store purchasing more effectively. Utilising these new features with your Performance Max can offer customers more variety when researching, considering, or purchasing a product. Your product can show on multiple channels such as YouTube, Gmail, Google, and Maps.


//Utilise tools for performance during the Holiday season

It is useful to plan and execute your strategy ahead of the competitive festive period. The right insights can shape your strategy better- this is where Performance Max comes in. Performance Max now has features on the product page to provide more details about product issues, such as out-of-stock inventory, and high bidding targets (like ROAS), which we can use to optimise Performance Max Campaigns. Google recently stated, “Advertisers that have shifted from Standard Shopping campaigns to Performance Max drove a 25% increase in conversion value, on average, at a similar ROAS”.


Overall performance can be upgraded with the new Performance Tab in the Merchant Centre. Using this makes it easier to access product, pricing, and competitive performance insights. You can now view insights such as

Bestselling products, Popular items on Google and pricing against Competitors. (This is perfect information to grab Holiday shoppers' attention with your ads.)



//Provide more detail about your products with Pmax

The customer's decision phase in the buying journey for the right, holiday gift is growing. Putting your product in the right place at the right time is essential. It is also good to share details of your product’s attributes such as colour and size. The new Deals and Shipping annotations features added to shopping ads are a great way to be more personal than ever before- in the hope that your campaign can be more visible!


//To conclude…


Ensuring your product feed and promotions are up to date helps with performance Max performance because it allows you to have a clear campaign that offers seamless shopping for your existing and new customers! These new insights make it easier to understand the performance of your categories, product types and custom labels to make the most of your seasonal campaign!


At Loud Mouth Media we understand the intricacies of PPC and the importance of seasonal sales.

Remember, the seasons may change, but your success in seasonal sales can soar with the right strategies and expertise. Google is continuously updating and improving. As Google Premier Partners, we have access to the latest news, tools, and insights on all things Google – for more information on all things PPC- Get in touch today. 


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