Is SEO still relevant in the age of AI?

11 May 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the words on everyone’s lips right now. The AI assistant Chat GPT has been getting a lot of attention recently, but have you heard of Microsoft, Google and Snapchat’s own AI assistants? This newly launched technology can help users to do everything from increasing productivity in the workplace, to getting recommendations on restaurants or even acting as a virtual friend. 

So we know there are a whole variety of tools out there which bring many benefits, but how can we harness this AI power for SEO, and is SEO even relevant anymore? 

Firstly, to answer the latter - yes, SEO is still very relevant, even in the age of AI and recent trends have shown that the SEO industry will continue to grow. 

While AI can help simplify some SEO tasks such as content planning, SEO still requires an expert strategist to utilise the data from the AI technology. At Loud Mouth, we get under the skin of your business to understand how we can develop and implement a tailored data-based strategy that will work for you to drive results that will make a difference.   

Despite AI, businesses who want to continue to grow also still need SEO experts to implement the other areas of SEO (technical and non technical) that makes a website rank highly on the search engines such as the user experience, authority, and links. 

Our industry leading SEO experts believe AI will continue to help improve certain SEO tasks but will not entirely replace SEO in the immediate future. To ensure the best results, we recommend a combination of AI tools paired with SEO experts who can use this information to drive website success.   

For 2023 and beyond, SEO will only continue to increase in importance for all businesses, regardless of size, due to its long-term benefits, cost-effectiveness, ability to increase visibility and reach.

If you need help with your businesses SEO strategy, our expert team at Loud Mouth Media can help you. 

We are currently offering a free audit which assesses areas for further optimisation to prioritise conversions, and of course GROWTH! Get in touch today.

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