Hourly Bid Adjustment Scripts Could Be a Big Hit

05 April 2016


One of our PPC experts, recently took the initiative to implement an Hourly Bid Adjustment Script. The results have been quite remarkable.

We're always looking for new ways to optimise accounts and improve conversions in order to give our clients the best ROI. 

One of our PPC experts, Chris, recently took the initiative to implement an Hourly Bid Adjustment Script in an attempt to further optimise the bidding on custom ad-schedules for one of our clients - with their permission, of course. The results have been quite remarkable.


What does the script allow you to do?


For those unfamiliar with scripts they let you make automated changes in your AdWords account. Using JavaScript code, you can change bids, pause ad groups and add keywords with written scripts directly instead of manually within your AdWords account. (Source: Google)


Generally, Google only allows six ad-schedules to be set per day, per campaign. This script allows us to get even smarter with our targeting by changing the bids based on every hour of the day. By analysing long-term historical data for the account, we are able to bid up on the hours that have a trend for doing well - boosting our search impression share to maximise conversion potential. We can also bid down on those hours that don't do quite as well, therefore maximising budget efficiencies for the client.


How did our test go?


Six weeks in, the initial signs are that this Script is doing very well. You can see the full results below for one advertiser:


Cost down £62 (20%)


Cost/Conversion down £1.66


Conversion Value increased by £187


ROAS increased by 40%


Conversion Rate increased from 3.88% to 5.28%


What next?


We will continue to trial the Hourly Bid Adjustment Script and record our results before rolling it out across other accounts in an aim to replicate the above success. If you want to learn more about optimising your PPC campaigns, you can get in touch here.

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