Google Marketing Next - Our Key Takeaways

24 May 2017

Want to know what went down at Google Marketing Next 2017! Find out here.


Our team spent this morning catching up on what exactly went down at Google Marketing Next 2017 - Google's annual summit for advertisers which took place in San Francisco last night. As was to be expected, there were a variety of new product/feature announcements which we are very excited about!


Here is a summary of our key takeaways from the event:


In-Market Audiences for Search

We're already big fans of utilising In-Market Audiences for our Display and YouTube campaigns but Google is now extending this targeting to Search campaigns, enabling advertisers to target users who Google deems as 'getting ready to make a purchase'. Timeline on this is not yet confirmed but we expect it to take a while before this is fully rolled out.


Life Event Targeting

Advertisers will already be familiar with this targeting option if they have utilised Facebook Advertising previously - it is now coming to Google! It will be possible to target users who have recently experienced major life events' such as graduating, getting married or moving house within YouTube and Gmail Ads.


Unique Reach

We're always very conscious of bombarding users with the same ad, hence why we implement frequency capping as standard across all of our Display campaigns. Unique reach is now available in AdWords and uses Google ID information to ensure users are not double counted when exposed to ads across multiple devices, keeping annoyance levels to a minimum!

Google Attribution

Google is launching a new free version of Google Attribution which will simplify the problem of multi-channel/multi-device attribution using data already held in Analytics, AdWords or DoubleClick. As any advertiser will know, there has been a consistent problem with last click attribution as this model ignores the other touchpoints that precede the final conversion. Google Attribution will give a much better understanding of the full customer journey as opposed to just the last click!


*Spolier Alert - Our upcoming studio session at Digital DNA will focus on developing a better understanding of the full customer journey!*


Surveys 360

Google Surveys 360 can now be connected to your AdWords account to launch surveys targeting your remarketing lists to reach users who have previously clicked an ad. This is currently only available in the US and Canada but we expect it to roll out here pretty soon.

Fancy watching the whole event? You can catch up here.

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