Google Marketing Live | GML2022

01 June 2022

Google’s Marketing Live (aka GML2022) is an exclusive event. Google invite ONLY the who’s who of global performance marketing to an event that explores the latest in Google tools and innovations, the latest in market trends and behaviours, and it breeds an expert pool of Google professionals.

This year, our very own Managing Director and Head of Performance were called up for the invite-only event, and as a result, came back from Zurich with a host of new expertise to share amongst our teams.

See below for some key areas worth watching and some insider info from our Head of Performance, Chris:

  • 1. Ad Formats

    • Asset Library

      • This will allow advertisers to upload and store images that are easily accessible. You can also preview the creative from one central location instead of having to toggle between various campaigns.
      • The Asset Library will save time and allow faster implementation for creative used across various campaign types (Performance Max, Discovery, Display, App & Local) and allow advertisers to have folders of creative for specific events or brands, for example Black Friday or Spring/Summer
      • Available Globally

  • 2. Automation

    • PMax A/B Experiments (Non-Shopping Campaigns)

      • Advertisers that have used Performance Max have seen an average 13% uplift in incremental conversions at a similar CPA.
      • Performance Max aims to maximise performance across all of Googles inventory types.
      • Rather than switch completely to Performance Max, this feature will allow Advertisers to compare the performance against already established campaigns and decide to implement or not.
      • BETA (for campaigns without a product feed) Full Launch expected H2 22-23

    • PMax Store Sales Reporting & Bidding for Store Goals

      • Measure Offline Impact and optimise towards in store sales
      • Performance Max for store goals will help advertisers grow in-store traffic and in-store sales.
      • Beta for Local Campaigns - Expected PMax Rollout Q3 22

    • GA4

      • The future of Google Analytics in a Privacy-centric world using:
        • Consented Data Collection - Privacy Expectations, Regulatory Changes & Browser Updates.
        • First-party Data - Collecting your own data that consumers are willing to share. 71% of consumers expect to receive personalised interactions.
        • Modelled Data - Filling in the gaps from 3rd party cookie loss to ensure measurement tracking whilst respecting user privacy.
      • Benefits of GA4:
        • Collect & enrich your 1p data in a privacy-safe way
        • Measure a more unified, holistic journey.
        • Derive powerful business insights and leverage the power of Google’s machine learning and predictive capabilities.
        • Activate insights, first party data audiences and optimise your advertising across channels (Google Ads, Display & Video) to improve your Marketing ROI.
    • Improve Google Tag Experience

      • The global site tag (gtag.js) is becoming the Google tag
      • The existing gtag.js installations will get new capabilities to help you do more, improve data quality, and adopt new features without additional code.
      • The Google Tag Experience streamlines implementation of our products by providing a simple, effective way for advertisers to use a single Google Tag for all products and accounts.
      • Will be launched in phases globally throughout 2022

  • 3. Retail

    • Discovery Ads with Product Feeds

      • 91% of Google Feed users took a shopping or product-related action immediately after discovering new products, services or brands on their feeds.
      • Discovery Ads promote the right products to the right people at the right moment with more relevant ads.
      • Perfect for prospecting new customers or drive business outcomes from existing customers.
      • Having a product feed attached to a Discovery campaign allows advertisers to use rich product details and images directly from the Google Merchant Centre Product Feed to reach users across YouTube Discover & Gmail.
      • Globally Available

    • Product Feeds For YouTube - Action, Awareness & Consideration campaigns

      • Add a Product Feeds to YouTube campaigns directly from Google Merchant Centre, incentivising viewers to discover products and take action.
      • On average, advertisers that add product feeds to their Video action campaigns achieve over 60% more conversions at a lower cost
      • Globally Available for Video Action Campaigns, Awareness & Consideration rolling out in Beta in Q2

  • 4. Video

    • Video Creation in Google Ads

      • Break down any barriers to entry for video advertising. Take the complexity out of Video Creation with Googles Video Creation in Google Ads. Choose from a variety of templates and length of video.
      • Free, fast, and easy to use - Create a video ad in just minutes that is designed to work on YouTube and able to target any audience with any objective following simple steps, using assets that you already have, and without any additional costs.
      • Keep the video ad on point by controlling the Logo, Images used, Message, Primary Brand Colour, Font + Select from a pre-defined list of audio appealing sound tracks.
      • 70% of YouTube viewers bought a brand as a result of seeing it on YouTube.
      • Available Globally

For any more information on what’s to come – Loud Mouth Media are a Google Premier Partner - We’ve got the knowledge! Make sure to reach out to our team today for a Free Essentials Audit and see how we can help you achieve business growth through 2022 and beyond…