Digital Insights: October 2017

08 November 2017

As always, the world of digital advertising is keeping us on our toes with all the latest updates too! Check them out here:



With Halloween and some serious seasonal campaign planning, October was as busy a month as ever at Loud Mouth! We were delighted to make the UK Search Awards shortlist for 'Best Small PPC Agency' AND 'Best Use of Search - B2B'. The Awards take place on 30th November, wish us luck! As always, the world of digital advertising is keeping us on our toes with all the latest updates too! Check them out here:

Bing rolls out dynamic search ads to US and UK 

Advertisers in the US and UK can now use the Bing ads algorithm to match user queries and generate Dynamic Search Ads (DSA). But that's not all, Bing Ads Editor is also now available to help streamline the full process. The campaign management tool is available for Mac or Windows and provides an intuitive and simple desktop application.

Read more here and here.

Location extensions and store visits measurement now available on YouTube

YouTube ads have been upgraded to include location extensions and the ability to measure in-store visits. While these features have been available for search ads since 2014, this is the first time any kind of extensions has been made available for YouTube ads. We can't wait to implement this for some of our clients!

Read more here.

LinkedIn is testing autoplaying video ads on mobile

LinkedIn is now following suit with other social channels by introducing autoplaying video ads. These will look just like other video posts and will play without sound unless clicked on. Reports show that video posts are already being shared 20 times more than other posts on the platform, so it makes sense that this new feature is enabled.

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Google announces new online to offline features

Ahead of the holiday shopping season, Google is adding some new features to connect online shoppers with bricks and mortar stores. The new updates include:

  •          Connecting local inventory data to results provided by Google Assistant
  •          Showing local inventory in display ads
  •          Reporting for impression based store visits
  •          Clothing Shopping ad updates


Very exciting for retailers trying to drive both online and offline sales!

Read more about it here. 

Pinterest launches self-serve ads

Pinterest search ads are now available for all advertisers with the launch of their new self-service ad buying tool. Brands will be able to apply broad or exact match keyword targeting, as well as phrase match and implement negative keywords to their ads. With a new 'autotargeting' options already available, it will be great to see what other innovations they will roll out over the coming months.

Find out more here. 

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