A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Assistant

27 November 2018

Ever wondered what a Digital Marketing Assistant does on a daily basis? Read more to find out!

Ever wondered what a Digital Marketing Assistant does on a daily basis? We speak to Nicole Hanna about her role at Loud Mouth Media.


Hi Nicole! Tell us some facts about yourself.


I'd consider myself to be a realist and fair person in all aspects of life, although my mum might disagree. I'm always the one at parties or in the car with their aux or Bluetooth hooked up - I'm obsessed with music old and new, particularly all 80's music! Things I enjoy most in life are Zara/shopping/ASOS (in no particular order), Saturday lie ins, debating and my friends.


What did you study at University?


I studied Public Relations at Ulster University, Jordanstown and I loved the variation in the modules I studied.


How/why did you get into digital advertising?


This is actually my first grown up/graduate job. I started at Loud Mouth Media during the second year of university for a placement year, then part-time during final year and eventually full-time after I graduated. I love challenging myself to learn new things and digital advertising is something that wasn't really covered on my University curriculum, with most focus placed on traditional advertising theory. I also wanted to get into digital because it is a thriving industry that is so specific, highly-targeted and deals with real-time data. Therefore when I saw the opportunity to join Loud Mouth, I knew I had to apply!


Please talk us through a typical day for you at Loud Mouth Media.


Most days at Loud Mouth for me begin with checking my emails and the team workflow spreadsheet to see what needs done and this helps to prioritise my workload and form my 'To Do' list for the day. Once I'm organised for the day I'll make myself a cup of tea and get to work!


A typical day involves:


  • Conducting research and preparing bespoke proposals for clients
  • Optimising social advertising accounts to ensure they are performing as well as possible
  • Posting industry news/company updates across Loud Mouth Media's social platforms
  • Developing presentations for upcoming events, training workshops and industry talks.




What do you enjoy most about your job?


I enjoy how each day is different as every proposal, award entry, presentation and social build is so unique. The digital advertising industry is constantly changing and this means we have to stay ahead of the game by learning about the latest features whether it be Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.


In particular, I enjoy the Social Advertising aspect of the job as it involves elements of creativity and innovation. Every build is different - from the initial research proposal, to building the campaign and finalising the ad and creative messaging. Its intriguing to monitor campaign performance and see how the results differ and this helps us to decide what works best for each client.


Also, the team I work are the best bunch of people you could be placed to work alongside. As Sharon previously stated it almost feels like we are a group of friends rather than work colleagues, we have the perfect balance of working hard and playing hard.


Most challenging aspects of your job?


One of the most challenging aspects of the job is how quickly digital changes and this means we must change with it in order to stay ahead of the curve. This means we have to train continuously, work with Facebook and Google account managers, test new features and keep up to date with industry blogs and news.


 Another challenge is thinking of innovative ways to continually improve ourselves and the company brand - Loud Mouth media has always had extremely high standards in terms of how things are done, and that in itself is a challenge but I believe we do a pretty good job of that!


What kind of skills do you need to succeed in the job?


Excellent communication skills are a must! Being able to communicate updates effectively with your team members and clients helps everything flow nicely and avoids hiccups along the way. Digital Advertising is such a fast-paced, demanding industry meaning that time management and the ability to prioritise workload is essential - your to-do list and event calendar are your two best friends!


What helps you get the job done?


There are honestly too many to name so I'll summarise my top 5:


  • Facebook Business Manager - This allows us to build, manage and optimise ad accounts and pages on behalf of our clients. As well as monitor campaign performance to report on.
  • Google sheets - This helps to collectively keep on top of deadlines for the workflow tasks, events, presentations etc.
  • Canva - the best graphic design tool for non-qualified graphic designers!
  • iMovie - video editing software that helps me to create and edit videos for our Loud Mouth video series.
  • Google Analytics - this data source allows us to constantly monitor client campaign results, observe customer journeys, distinguish any issues and report the facts to clients.




Any advice for aspiring talent?


There is no such thing as a stupid question, so never be afraid to ask - I lost count of how many I asked in the beginning. Working in a competitive industry such as digital, it is important to be assertive, believe in yourself and the team surrounding you. On a final note, never stop learning as you don't know everything, and be your own motivation!


We're always on the lookout for great digital marketing talent to join our team - You can send your CV to info@loudmouth-media.com!

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