Will Catalogue Plus be the new King ?

01 November 2019


We recently attended the exclusive Meta Commerce Day, where Meta discussed the future of the e-commerce landscape both generally and social specific.  With the growth of TikTok in the UK, it is clear that it is in  Meta’s rear view in the race to be the leading social commerce platform.

Recent stats show 50% of all e-commerce revenue will come from China by 2025 and as TikTok is the leading social commerce platform in the country, it is clear they know what they are doing.  This appears to be an increasing concern for Facebook (9 months on, we still find ourself calling it ‘Facebook’ not ‘Meta’, an old habit that we will find hard to shake off’) and  that is a win for us advertisers. Recently there have been more events and features added to the platform for  advertising than ever before.

So what are the key take aways from the Meta Commerce Day? Well, the key take away was they are heavily pushing the relatively new ‘Advantage+ Catalogue ads’.  This campaign type, uses your existing catalogue and serves products to the user based on  their online behaviour and intent signals. As Facebook & Instagram, are great discovery networks, bringing the product to the user instead of a user searching for it, this campaign type has huge potential. By creating the purchase intent rather than the other way around, your business can grow massively. 



As the VP of Southern Europe boasted during the intro, Facebook has the fastest AI super computer in the world. With that computing power, their ability to serve ads to the user at right place and right time is unmatched for discovery. Just recently we clicked an advert for organic coffee, for the last 3 days our feed was serving us different blends of organic coffee in different flavours, all of which we love.  These ads were all clearly the advantage+ catalogue in play and for us it worked (We ended up buying three boxes!)

The other amazing feature of these ad types is that Meta dynamically create the ads for you. By using just your catalogue images, they can turn it into a carousel, video, static etc in a huge range of variety and combinations. At the time of writing, one built ad has the potential to have over 50 different variations across Facebook, Instagram, feeds etc. meaning the content won’t get stale.

So if you are an e-commerce business, reach out to us today and one of our many social media experts will gladly be the key to unlock the potential revenue that awaits!  


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