My Year as Digital Marketing Assistant at Loud Mouth Media

22 September 2017

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As she prepares to return to University for her final year, find out how Nicole found her placement year at Loud Mouth Media.



Almost a year and three months ago (can you believe it?!) Nicole joined the Loud Mouth Team as our first ever placement student and took up the role of Digital Marketing Assistant. Since then she has worked alongside the team day in, day out, learning about all things digital marketing.


As she prepares to return to University for her final year, we decided to sit down with her for a chat over a cuppa, to find out about her experience working in Northern Ireland's leading specialist digital advertising agency.


First off, tell us a little bit about yourself?


I am currently studying BSc in Public Relations at University of Ulster Jordanstown. Aside from that, I'm a self-confessed 80's music lover and YouTube fanatic with a sincere love of napping!


Tell us about your role at Loud Mouth Media?


As part of the Digital Marketing Team, I work alongside my colleagues to conduct client research; develop campaign proposals; build and manage client social accounts; analyse campaign performance; and create content for our website and blog, to name just a few of our daily activities!


What's your favourite thing about working at Loud Mouth Media?


The food table (Sorry Mark)! All jokes aside, my favourite thing would have to be how diverse and fast paced the digital marketing world is. The industry is constantly improving and developing so there are always new ways to target and engage with your customers online. This means we are also always constantly learning and developing too!


And your biggest learning curve in the role?


I definitely think that my entire time spent at Loud Mouth Media so far has been a big learning curve for me. When I first joined I had no knowledge of PPC/digital marketing as my university modules are more focused on the traditional aspects of marketing and advertising (something I think should definitely be reviewed!). From then until now, I feel like I have learnt so much professionally and academically in such a short amount of time and I will be forever thankful to the entire Loud Mouth Media team for helping me along the way.


What is your favourite memory from your past year or so with us?


There are definitely too many to mention! One of my all-time favourite memories has to be the day that our boss Mark offered us all an extra day of annual leave if the PPC Team could head pass the ball to one another without dropping it and they actually did it on their first attempt!! After that they tried at least another 5 attempts and couldn't get it once. (See that particular video here!)


How do you feel about going back to university for final year?


I'm actually really looking forward to going back to university, I know it will be a very tough and full on' year but I quite like a challenge and have always enjoyed school and learning new things. Slightly geeky I know, but it's true!


Any plans after graduation?


It's not something I've given a lot of thought to yet because I've been so busy working on my placement year, but I have always considered doing a master's degree after I graduate in July 2018 (Hopefully!).


If you could, metaphorically speaking, appear on Google's SERP, what three keywords would be sure to bring up your ad?


I would say caring, witty, and sleepy!


We are delighted to announce that we're not letting Nicole leave - she will continue working with us on a part-time basis throughout her final year of university which we are confident she will absolutely smash - good luck, Nicole!! :)