Loud Mouth Media Welcomes... Abby!

04 October 2016


Abby Welcome to Loud Mouth Media! Abby is our new office manager, find out all about her here.

I've been pretty much obsessed by all things Marketing & Communications related for nearly fifteen years now, finding it fascinating to see how the landscape has evolved thanks to the ever changing and rapid growth within the digital market. 


It's therefore no surprise that after working within the more traditional marketing departments in Northern Ireland and across the pond in Cheshire, which is where I originate from, I came to land at the door of Loud Mouth Media. 


As Office Manager it is my responsibility for the management of finance operations and to ensure everything in the office runs smoothly, which is fairly easy since we have such a lovely team here! I can also be found coordinating anything from our own internal Marketing and Communications to Events Management and all things in-between - It's a varied role and I love it.


I am anticipating some challenges; it's going to be hard work juggling work, family and study! But I have got my multi-tasking cape well and truly fixed on. The communications industry is in a period of profound change; it's an exciting time to be involved in the digital world, and I'm delighted to be part of it.


Contact Abby at abby@loudmouth-media.com or connect with her on LinkedIn.