Digital Insights: April 2017

05 May 2017

April was a brilliant month for LinkedIn as they introduce Lead Generation Forms. Find out more here!

April was an incredibly busy month for the Loud Mouth team as award season well and truly kicked in (did you read about our latest wins?) but the digital advertising world stops for no one. Check out what else was going on in April 2017:

Google Analytics remarketing lists go cross-device

Google first announced it would start using signed-in user data the enable cross-device remarketing last September - in April, they confirmed that as of 15th May 2017 audience lists created in Google Analytics will start using that data.

This change means that we can now show ads to users who visit a site on another device when signed in. Previously, Google relied on cookies for retargeting which don't carry across devices. This change will give us a much better indication of the true value of ads!

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Smart Display Campaigns are coming

In April, we met with our dedicated Google Team to find out more about new targeting options and were very excited to hear about Smart Display Campaigns. This is going to be a great option for those new to the Google Display Network - it allows advertisers to simply select a CPA goal, upload some display ads and let Google target audiences and placements that are most likely to drive conversions for their business!

The beta is rolling out now so we will be interested to see how this performs.

Read more here.

LinkedIn introduces Lead Generation Forms

April was a brilliant month for LinkedIn - the networking platform reached 500m members worldwide, with 23m in the UK alone. They also jumped on the lead generation bandwagon with the introduction of their LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms eliminate one of the major obstacles to conversions 'relying on users to fill out contact forms, which is even more difficult on mobile devices (the Lead Gen Forms will only be available on the mobile app, but will be expanded to desktop in the coming months) 'by auto-populating an in-application form with information from users' LinkedIn profiles and allowing them to instantly submit those forms.  

We have seen fantastic results for our clients with Facebook Lead Generation Ads so we can't wait to try these out on the B2B platform!

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Google launches Similar Audiences for Search

Similar Audiences for Search is Google's latest addition to its portfolio of powerful targeting options. Similar to Facebook's 'Lookalike Audiences', this targeting option will allow advertisers to find users with similar search behaviour to those in your RLSA audiences who haven't yet visited your website - basically, users Google believe will be interested in your products or services who are not yet brand aware!

Early beta tests have shown conversion rates similar to core RLSA audiences and 50% better than other new visitor audiences!

Find out more here

If you want to find out more about any of these latest updates give us a shout!

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