A Day in the Life of a PPC Account Manager

30 October 2019

What does a PPC Account Manager do on a daily basis? We speak to John Carleton about his role at Loud Mouth Media.

Hi John. Tell us some facts about yourself.

I’m originally from Ballymena and after many years sampling various other locations, I’ve recently settled back in Ballymena, such is the appeal of the city of the seven towers. Life is fairly family-orientated these days and I’m happiest when in the great outdoors with the kids and the dog.  I like to relax watching Liverpool win football matches and I try to make it to the odd rugby game.


What did you study at University?

I studied engineering at Loughborough University in Leicestershire. I picked up a Masters in that, but engineering was never going to be for me.


How/why did you get into digital advertising?

My career has always been in media and publishing. I can even remember the world before digital media took over (because I’m old)!

When Google advertising started to take off, I began running campaigns for my own businesses and realised I had for knack getting results. This eventually grew to helping friends who had businesses and then onto larger clients.


Please talk us through a typical day for you at Loud Mouth Media.

My day consists of a coffee to kick things off and checking emails. Then it’s down to going through the to do list, optimising and building campaigns, talking and meeting with clients. At lunch time I like to get beaten at table tennis by Conor...


What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love analysing an account and identifying areas for improvement and then watching performance gains.


Most challenging aspects of your job?

It is challenging at times to convey the benefits of all aspects of Google advertising mix, and in education people about the importance of long term strategies as well as short term gains.


What kind of skills do you need to succeed in the job?

From my experience, I think the skills that are most important are attention to detail, an analytic approach and a good understanding of the client’s business and goals. Being able to communicate the sometimes bewildering world of digital marketing to someone who isn’t using it everyday is also a challenge, so good communication skills are key. 


What helps you get the job done?

As a Premier Partner Agency, we get great support from the Google Implementation Team for setting up conversion tracking. Google Analytics is another favourite tool as it gives so much insight to complement any digital advertising activity. Google Ads Editor is also helpful for saving time in making bigger changes to campaigns.


Any advice for aspiring talent?

As digital marketing moves so fast and Google are continually developing the platform, always keep an eye on changes in online consumer behaviour and developments in Google Ads features to stay ahead of the competition.


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