A Day in the Life of an SEO Account Manager

13 December 2018

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a day in the life of an SEO Account Manager? Find out here!

Tell us some facts about yourself.


I'm originally from Tyrone but after graduating I upped sticks to Spain and spent a few years living there before returning home in 2018. I started with Loud Mouth in October 2018, and outside of work I'll usually be playing or watching sport, travelling somewhere strange or going out for food!


What did you study at University?


I studied English at Queen's University, Belfast.


How/why did you get into digital advertising?


Having worked as a journalist and content writer for various digital publications, SEO has always been a key consideration in my work so it seemed like a natural fit when I was looking at other options, and here I am.


Please talk us through a typical day for you at Loud Mouth Media.


First and foremost, coffee. I love a good to-do list so I'll jot down a few things that I have to do that day. After that, you'll find me looking at loads of data on clients' websites and identifying areas where they can improve their SEO performance, whether it be on the technical front or suggesting any ideas for their website and content that will bring increased traffic.


Implementing ideas in relation to content, Meta data and links and tracking their effects on traffic and conversions via Google Analytics takes up most of my day after that.


What do you enjoy most about your job?


I've always been a keen writer and any part of the job that allows me to write content is what I enjoy the most, but equally it's been great to be working with the technical side of things and expand my skillset - being given the opportunity to grow and learn is a great plus. There's a great working environment in the office as well!


Most challenging aspects of your job?


I don't like getting beaten in the office ping pong league, rare and all as it happens!


What kind of skills do you need to succeed in the job?


Plenty of patience! SEO is not something that can be turned into a success overnight in most cases so requires a long-term approach. A keen eye for detail is really important as well because there can be a lot of data, some relevant, some not so relevant and deciphering which is which is a big part of the job.


Favourite tools to help you get the job done?


SEMrush is the ultimate SEO tool, it takes the best of a lot of different tools and puts them together on one page to give you an idea of where your priorities should be for the upcoming weeks and months. Google Analytics and Search Console as well as they give you the most accurate means of measuring progress.


Any advice for aspiring talent?


Have confidence in your own ability and don't be afraid to speak up with ideas and suggestions, even when they you might not think everyone shares your opinion.


 We're always on the lookout for great digital marketing talent to join our team - You can send your CV to info@loudmouth-media.com!



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