A Day in the Life of a PPC Account Executive

26 March 2019

Ever wondered what a PPC Account Executive does on a daily basis?

Ever wondered what a PPC Account Executive does on a daily basis? We speak to Ruari McCaughley about his role at Loud Mouth Media.


Hi Ruairi. Tell us some facts about yourself.


I'm from a small place called Derrymacash which is just outside Lurgan, Northern Ireland. I love my sport so when I'm not in work I'll be either playing or watching some kind of sport. I'm also the best table tennis player in the office, regardless of what everyone else will tell you! (Editor's note - this is pure lies.)


What did you study at University?


I studied an undergraduate degree in Marketing at UUJ and then, in an attempt to remain a student for as long as possible, went to Dublin to study for a Masters in Digital Marketing.


How/why did you get into digital advertising?


I enjoyed all digital aspects of my degree the most in university and found this more interesting than traditional marketing, particularly how measurable results and performance is within digital advertising.


Please talk us through a typical day for you at Loud Mouth Media.


A typical day begins with checking through emails and accounts to ensure everything is going to plan. I then plan out workflow for that day which normally includes the following:


  • Building entirely new ad accounts and campaigns for clients
  • Optimising existing accounts to ensure maximum performance
  • Communicating with clients to report on current performance and generating new ideas on how to progress accounts.


What do you enjoy most about your job?


I enjoy achieving results for clients. It's very satisfying to witness accounts progress from different methods and strategies that you have applied. Also, everyone in the office is mighty craic!


Most challenging aspects of your job?


Attempting to stay on top of the forever-changing Google Ads platform is quite challenging. As everyone knows, Google are always introducing new products and features - so getting to grips with these can be a real learning curve.


What kind of skills do you need to succeed in the job?


Communication skills are crucial as a lot of the day is spent chatting with clients and team members around different aspects of Google Ads. Being able to plan workload is also very important as every day in an agency is busy. 


What helps you get the job done?


Everyone else on the PPC team as they're always there to answer questions. Google Analytics is also a useful tool as it helps to show the full performance picture, by providing an in-depth analysis alongside the Google Ads platform. This is very useful when preparing reports for clients!


Any advice for aspiring talent?


Be prepared to take the rough with the smooth as there are days when things don't quite go to plan and, if you're not sure of something, don't be afraid to ask plenty of questions. No matter how daft they may seem, it's the only way to learn!




We're always on the lookout for great digital marketing talent to join our team - You can send your CV to info@loudmouth-media.com!

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